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Espresso Outfitters Custom Espresso Carts, Food Service Carts, Sink carts     
Espresso Outfitters Custom Espresso Carts, Food Service Carts, Kiosks

Quality Espresso Carts.

EST. 1993
Leading the way!
Since the early days of the specialty coffee and mobile food service industry.
Serving nationwide.

Tel: (360) 949-3662

7907 NE Hwy 99
Vancouver, Washington 98665

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Made in USA, American quality espresso carts

Espresso Outfitters accepts all major credit cards using Square the industry standard for processing.

The faq section covers many of the regular questions we get. Feel free to get in contact with us for more questions any time!

Construction time:

On average we try to keep a 60 day window open for standard construction, depending upon the current volume of production, these are very intensive and robust build.  The smaller cabinets as well as the simpler designs will of course take less time depending upon how you require them to be with options and it's not uncommon for us to complete your project in before schedule of the time frame on the contracts. 


We ship using common carrier freight for large shipments, ups and usps for smaller ones.

Custom Projects:

Naturally, a custom project takes a little flexibility to remain in compliance towards it being realistic as well as making it humanly possible within the agreed upon time frame.  Our company doesn't shy away from "any" design concept, no matter how elaborate, large/small scale, or just completely out of the norm. We'll work with you through the concept and design phase to creating the final project to your satisfaction including detailed 3d renderings and all of the necessary diagrams to submit to inspecting parties.

In a nutshell, if you can dream it up, it can be created.

How do we get started:

We'll be walking you through the process through out any details regardless, our personal, one on one approach is how things are taken care of and this keeps our clients in the loop and on top of it all effortlessly.

General Sales Questions:

Why are your prices so reasonable?

You aren't dealing with a huge conglomerate nor paying for outsourced materials and labor. We also have a rock solid, very long term relationship with our suppliers which allows us to extend discounts to our clients. We are building in house, not outsourcing.

What is the warrantee?

The componetry has it's own minimum 1-5 year warantee, the carts we produce structurally for the life of the buyer. We do not create and sell temporary or transient constructed carts and additional cabinetry.

Contact us any time should you require support or have a sales question 24/7.

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