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Espresso Outfitters Custom Espresso Carts, Food Service Carts, Sink carts     
Espresso Outfitters Custom Espresso Carts, Food Service Carts, Kiosks

Quality Espresso Carts.

EST. 1993
Leading the way!
Since the early days of the specialty coffee and mobile food service industry.
Serving nationwide.

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Made in USA, American quality espresso carts

Espresso Outfitters accepts all major credit cards using Square the industry standard for processing.

This is an example, sharing what's under the surface of many of our cart lines, also what can be done upon the platforms currently being produced. This espresso cart build begins with a 6 foot Silver Standard cart along with a companion 3 foot cart built to match which can be used for several functions, from storage, serving and additional operators work space along with be revised as a catering or espresso service cart on it's own should the owner opt to use it that way.

Sharing also some of the plumbing compliment that goes into many of our espresso cart lines that was used with it.

The Silver Standard 6 Foot Espresso Cart.

Art Deco style 6 foot espresso cart with Rancilio Espresso machine

Operators side of espresso cart

Espresso Cart
                      Under, in this case to include as well a new sink brand that has a convenient added feature to include a removable drain rack. Construction

These as with the rest of the lines will last decades.

Taking a spin off of the Silver Standard Espresso Cart, the body will be surfaced in aluminum sheet metal and it's being polished to a chrome finish as shown in the rendering to the right. 

This cart, just as with the Silver Standard and of course the trim shown on some of the other lines retains the same robust structure underneath the surface, only it's done in real aluminum rather then laminate, a great option for the clean retro look.

Aluminum sheeting applied to 6 foot
                              round espresso cart mudbay-espresso-cart-3
mudbay-espresso-cart  Progress upon aluminum espresso cart
                              and side cart progress
Beverage-Air UCR 27 installed into
                                espresso cart

Shown with this is a Beverage-Air UCR 27 commercial refrigerator.  This is the top end of the entire pack upon refrigeration manufacturers.


Research and Development best discretion upon the production of using aluminum sheet metal is to leave it at it's default factory finish. 


This look by default is similar to stainless steel but without the cost and weight, it can also be polished up to look prestine if it get marred or blemished from use unlike stainless. The brushed finish, shown in these photo's with all and the artistic, modern effect with the curves adds aesthetic appeal that is remarkable.


This platform will last for decades.

Showing it in raw form prior to surfacing, rubber bumper and the rest of the extra's helps people to see there is real material, substance in place.


mudbay-espresso-cart-93 mudbay-espresso-cart-94
mudbay-espresso-cart-92 espresso cart operators side
Espresso cart with sneeze guard Espresso cart operators side
 espresso cart shown with removable sink compartment Espresso cart with espresso machine 
mobile espresso kiosk Espresso kiosk
espresso cart with side cart Coffee kiosk with extras


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